Salesforce Partner Community

Give your indirect sales teams (e.g. channel partners, resellers and brokers) access to your partner portal and collaborate on opportunities, campaigns, cases and in chatter, ...
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Salesforce Partner Community

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SelectionSalesforce Partner Community
SelectionSalesforce Partner Community
Digital Experience Management
Partner Central-Vorlagen
Lead-Verteilung und Auftragserfassung


Sales Automation

Share contacts, leads, and records with your partners through a dedicated community. Integrate third-party systems to centralize pricing, inventory information, and other data. Also provide the ability to register sales projects and allocate leads, so you avoid conflicts in your indirect sales channels.


Mit der Community Cloud können Sie direkt im Feed die nötigen Schritte einleiten, um beispielsweise Leads in Opportunities zu konvertieren oder Marketing-Budgets zu genehmigen. Sie können dazu benutzerdefinierte Aktionen erstellen und Anwendungen anderer Anbieter in Ihre Geschäftsprozesse integrieren.

Dashboards and reports

Track and evaluate the performance of your partners. You can customize reports and dashboards to meet your needs and share them with partners to make sure everyone is tracking the same goals. Einstein Analytics helps you do this and allows you to easily combine your data with data from other sources.


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