Salesforce Marketing Cloud B2B Account Engagement Plus

With the complete suite of B2B marketing automation tools, you can connect with your customers in a whole new way, generate more high-quality leads, and help sales close more deals.
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Tax excluded. | Annual billing. Price per month 2.500,00 EUR / up to 10,000 contacts. Additional contacts possible on request.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud B2B Account Engagement Plus

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) is an industry-leading marketing automation tool from Salesforce for business-to-business (B2B) marketing. Pardot's core functionalities include: Lead management and scoring Lead capture and maintenance Website automation B2B email marketing Integration with Salesforce CRM
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud B2B Account Engagement Growth
Salesforce Marketing Cloud B2B Account Engagement Growth


Sale price€13.500,00 Regular price€15.000,00
SelectionSalesforce Marketing Cloud B2B Account Engagement Plus
Salesforce Marketing Cloud B2B Account Engagement Plus


Sale price€27.000,00 Regular price€30.000,00
Number of possible contacts (additional contacts possible on request)

up to 10,000 contacts

up to 10,000 contacts

Lead generation, qualification and management
Email marketing and personalization
Advanced automation, personalization and qualification


Automate your marketing

Automate the sending of emails and other marketing actions. Automatically trigger them using triggers based on criteria such as time, user interactions, and other custom parameters. As you gain new insights, you can seamlessly translate them immediately into new ways to nurture and email campaigns.

Mehr Leads generieren

With the powerful Visual Editor, you can create engaging landing pages in their branding as well as professional and scalable email campaigns that get great results. This is how potential customers develop into brand ambassadors over time.

Calculate the marketing ROI

Link your leads that led to successful deals to their respective marketing campaigns and analyze campaign success by channel. With comprehensive reports, you can instantly share key insights with colleagues and make informed, data-driven decisions to continuously improve your marketing programs.


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