Campaign Audience Builder Professional Edition

Campaign Audience Builder makes audience segmentation in Salesforce a breeze. Simple and intuitive to use, and powerful in its functionality.

To segment lists of contacts or companies, you can access all the information in your Salesforce database, no matter how complex or nested the data. Create your target groups with simple clicks - no programming or SQL knowledge required. Thanks to automations, target groups remain up-to-date. No more manual, redundant work needed.

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Campaign Audience Builder Professional Edition

Leave existing segmentation limitations behind. No matter how complex or nested your data and filter criteria are. Save valuable time in your daily work thanks to automations. Your target groups remain up-to-date throughout. Campaign members are automatically added and removed automatically. What previously could take hours using Excel and other methods is now done in minutes. Reduce internal dependencies and free up IT resources. Using the tool and creating target groups is intuitive and easy. Segment on your central Salesforce database and use the target groups in your marketing tools. Through integrations to Pardot and the Marketing Cloud, you can launch precise marketing activities.


Packed with powerful segmentation features

Thanks to various segmentation features you are able to map any complexity. Cross-Object filters allow you to access parent and child tables in the
database for segmentation.
The aggregation filter allows you to perform calculations across multiple data sets.
When filtering on child data tables (child relationships), you can decide whether all paths should apply, or only path applies.

Dynamic campaigns as a bulwark of automation

Once you have entered all the criteria for segmentation, the target group is continuously kept up-to-date by automation. The "Scheduling" function sets up a regular cycle that ensures that the target group is always run again. When new records match the criteria, they are also added to the campaign. If you want to remove people from the target group in the same step, you can use the campaign purge feature, which removes all members that no longer meet the defined criteria.

Enhancements and integrations

With Apex & Flow integration, you can launch follow-up actions based on defined target groups. For example, updating fields, or creating linked records.
of linked records. The Split feature allows you to split the results list between multiple campaigns. With the native Pardot integration you can easily add people to Pardot lists.


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