Ein Rückblick auf den DIGITAL FUTUREcongress

Ein Rückblick auf den DIGITAL FUTUREcongress
Revolutionary ideas and exciting innovations

- last week's DIGITAL FUTUREcongress in Frankfurt was an exciting gathering of the region's key business sectors. The exciting event revolved entirely around the theme of digitization and transformation. Under the motto "Industries Meet Digitalization," this year's DFC placed an even stronger focus on SMEs looking for organizational and technical innovations for their internal work areas.

The congress participants were transported into a world of IT megatrends and future-oriented technologies with fascinating conference presentations. It was impressive to see how these innovative solutions can meet and implement the individual requirements and challenges of different industries.

We were very happy to participate as bluplanet in the DIGITAL FUTUREcongress as exhibitor and speaker! It was a rousing event that brought together industry leaders, innovators and decision makers from different sectors. Everyone was united in their goal to master the digital future with strength and leadership. For us, it was an extremely valuable experience to connect with representatives of the German SME sector, discuss their current challenges and show them the easy path to digitalization.

Furthermore, we are honored to be among the finalists of the Startup Award of the DIGITAL FUTUREcongress. This award is a clear sign of our ongoing efforts to drive innovation and offer innovative solutions to our customers.

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