Driving the Future: Exploring Digital Innovation at Auto Summit 2023

Die Zukunft in Fahrt: Digitale Innovationen auf dem Auto Summit 2023
Last week, Auto Summit 2023 took place in Hamburg, Germany, an impressive trade show and conference dedicated to digitalization and innovation in the automotive industry. It brought together the leading car manufacturers, suppliers and automotive retailers to meet digital innovators and discuss the future of the industry. While everyone else was rocking the big stages at OMR, the Auto Summit offered a unique and more intimate opportunity. The event was characterized by focused exchange and immediate feedback. Together we stood on stage with Andreas Geiger from Xotigo explaining why bluplanet and Xotigo are the perfect contacts when it comes to cloud solutions in the automotive industry.

One of many issues discussed at the Auto Summit was the change in the sales business due digitalization. The automotive industry has recognized that traditional sales models are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of an increasingly connected and digitized world. New tools and innovative processes are needed to strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales success. A selected panel therefore intensively discussed the impact of digitalization on the sales business.

The discussion also included new successful processes and tools that are relevant in the digital era of the sales business. From personalized marketing strategies to innovative sales platforms and intelligent CRM systems, such as Salesforce's cloud solutions, various approaches were discussed to meet customer expectations and increase sales success.

The Auto Summit 2023 in Hamburg was an interesting event that reflected the digital revolution in the automotive industry. The discussions about the changes in the sales business and the possible applications of new tools were of great importance. The panel of experts brought out valuable insights and encouraging perspectives on how the automotive industry can leverage the opportunities of digitalization to increase its competitiveness. Following the trade show, we co-hosted an after-party event with Xotigo, inviting further conversation. With good food and a pleasant atmosphere, we ended the evening at ÜberQuell. Once again a big thank you to everyone who spent the evening with us.