Conga is the digital solutions provider for all your business processes, helping you and your company simplify and automate your proposals, contracts and documents.


With Conga, you ensure the predictable growth of your business by aligning your processes, teams, and technologies under a unified data model. From quotes and contracts to order fulfillment or contract renewal, Conga increases productivity across the entire revenue lifecycle.


Seamless Salesforce integration

Conga's workflows allow you to automate every step of your contract lifecycle in Salesforce as well. This allows all steps to be performed in one place with full process transparency.

This seamless integration not only shortens contract cycles, but also ensures faster implementation and increases customer retention.

Digital signatures for all steps

Conga Sign gives you a secure way to get the digital signatures you need. Whether you need to send an NDA, sign contracts, confirm product and service commitments, or confirm contract renewals, a digital signature gets you where you need to go quickly and securely while adhering to all compliance rules.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) - Quote generation made easy

Conga CPQ ensures simple and efficient sales throughout the entire revenue lifecycle. The CPQ solution enables sales to create even complex quotes, contracts, contract renewals and other important documents. Conga CPQ is the most scalable solution on the market and ensures faster closings.


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