Bluplanet team sets a sign of solidarity: a day in action for those in need

Bluplanet-Team setzt Zeichen der Solidarität: Ein Tag im Einsatz für Bedürftige

In our society, there are many people who need support and help, whether due to financial difficulties, illness or other emergencies.
As responsible citizens, we should be aware that it is our duty to help those in need and support them in any possible way.

We, as bluplanet promised ourselves to help those, who have been less fortunate by engaging with different social organizations.
Therefore, a large part of the bluplanet team in Hamburg helped out at Alimaus, a care center for homeless and financially weakened people. Since 1999, the volunteers, now numbering nearly 200 people, have been working hard to transform food donations into delicious meals that are being handed out in a dining hall. Everyone is welcome, without any proof of need or eligibility for benefits.

Alimaus has several areas of focus and offers holistic assistance such as meals, clothing donations, hygiene & showering facilities, and medical care. As a team, we have worked together to help and support in each area needed. We, for example, helped in the kitchen to prepare and serve the rolls for breakfast, sorted bedding, sleeping bags and sleeping mats in the clothing store "Don Alfonso" and helped to collect and sort the food donations from the supermarkets. During the winter months, an additional cold weather bus is also used to provide homeless people with either transportation to the winter emergency centers or to provide them with the basic necessities for an overnight stay.
On this day, we could once again experience at first hand how important and necessary this voluntary work is.

The team in Munich, on the other hand, helped the Münchner Tafel. With its "buy-1-more" campaign, this organization has found a very simple but effective way to collect additional donations for people in need. The idea is to ask customers in front of supermarkets and drugstores to purchase one more non-perishable food or hygiene item and pass it on to the Tafel.

For the team from Munich, it was an overwhelming feeling to contribute to collecting donations on that day. It was great to witness how interested the supermarket customers were. They wanted to get to know more about the project and the Tafel itself, which led to good conversations between the customers and the team. Overall, the Munich Tafel's "Buy 1 More" campaign is an example of how simple and effective social commitment can be.

The experience we have had as a team at bluplanet in supporting Alimaus and the Münchner Tafel have shown that each of us can make a contribution to improving the lives of people in need. Whether it's donating time, collecting donations in any form, or simply consuming more consciously, every small step counts.
By committing ourselves to help others, we can help create a world where solidarity and compassion come first.

Let's work together to ensure that no one in our society is forgotten and that everyone gets the support they need to live a dignified life.

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