Agillic is the omnichannel platform for B2C brands. It supports SMS, email, app push messages, print and other marketing channels through a single interface. The platform offers content creation capabilities, personalized customer communications, and access to data-driven insights.


With the Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform, Agillic enables customers to create and send customized communications to millions of people in an automated way using data-driven insights. The platform is also designed to integrate an ecosystem of strategic partnerships across different domains using best-in-class technologies and accelerate implementation processes in the best possible way. So that companies can achieve rapid value creation.


Create meaningful and profitable customer experiences

Agillic lets you seamlessly interact with your customers across channels and devices. Agillic's automation platform gives you a range of channels - from email, SMS, app push, print and more - all through a single interface.
And in doing so, enables businesses to create, automate and send personalized communications to their customers through data-driven insights.

Personalized communication

Use AI to explore big data and identify patterns so you can communicate in a customer-specific way. Agillic's AI settings make it easy to cube, determine, analyze, and action your customer data. AI preferences uncover your customers' preferences in terms of brands and channels, for example. It also informs you about the optimal time to reach your customers one-to-one at scale.

Successful advertising expenses

Combine first- and third-party data to create campaigns and increase the actual profit generated per ad spend. Agillic eliminates the hassle of uploading lists, as everything is easily executed through the Agillic interface.


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