Strong together: soccer and solidarity at the benefit match for Angelman syndrome

Gemeinsam stark: Fußball und Solidarität beim Benefizspiel für das Angelman-Syndrom
On 25.06.2023 a remarkable charity match took place, which we from bluplanet supported among others as jersey sponsor. The two participating teams were the Angelman club and the renowned soccer club 1.FC Union Berlin. The match was organized to raise awareness for Angelman Syndrome and to raise funds for further research and support.

Angelman syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that affects child development and behavior. It is characterized by cognitive impairments, communication problems, motor disorders and a peculiar way of laughing. The Angelman Association is committed to improving the lives of people with Angelman syndrome and supporting their families.

The charity match took place in a well attended soccer stadium, and the atmosphere was filled with excitement and solidarity from the very beginning. Fans from both teams turned out in large numbers to show their support and make the event a success. Both the Angelman club and 1.FC Union Berlin had fielded their best players to guarantee an exciting and entertaining match.

The match started at a high pace and both teams showed their skills. The players of the Angelman club, as well as our Co-Founder Christopher Roskowetz, who supported the team of the Angelman club as a player, impressed with their fighting spirit and determination. They showed that despite their challenges they are capable of great performances. On the other side, the traditional team of 1.FC Union Berlin showed its experience and playing class.

The game was hard-fought, but it was not only about winning. The players of both teams had the higher purpose in mind - to raise awareness of Angelman syndrome and support the club's efforts. It was inspiring to see how the players, regardless of the outcome, worked together and showed respect and appreciation for each other.

After an intense game, the Angelman club and 1.FC Union Berlin parted with a 5:09 for the traditional team. However, the result was incidental in view of the true significance of the charity match. The event raised considerable funds that will help the Angelman Verein to continue its activities and improve the quality of life of people with Angelman syndrome.

The charity match was a great success and will be remembered for a long time. It showed how sports can bring people together to do good and raise awareness for important causes. Thanks to the support of our Co-Founder, our employees who actively engaged the children with donations such as chalk and balloons, and many dedicated people, both the Angelman Association and 1. FC Köln were able to make a positive contribution and send a strong message of solidarity together.

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