Guest Lecture at the Berlin School of Economics and Law

Gastvortrag an der Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin

"It's about really putting yourself in your customer's chair."

: Cem Vogt at the Berlin School of Economy and Law

Last Friday, our Customer Success Lead Cem Vogt presented bluplanet, our business model and the core values for our customers’ success to a group of interested students of the Berlin School of Economy and Law (HWR Berlin).

In his presentation, Cem gave insights into his role as "Customer Happiness Advocate," as he likes to call himself, as well as the different stages of customers on their journey towards reaching the goals which were jointly defined. Most of the time, these goals can be summarized as digitally transforming businesses for more growth, transparency, and better collaboration - everywhere and anytime. But how to involve all relevant parties in this important but also encompassing change process?

The role of the Customer Success Manager is to act from the customer's point of view and empathize with their challenges - so that they drive and adapt the added value of the product according to the individual needs.“.

As Cem made clear in his talk, many units need to intertwine to successfully drive change on all referring stages - culturally, operationally, and technologically. This can only be achieved when Marketing, Sales and Customer Success are working closely together to elevate the customer experience and - well, of course: Make our customers happy!.

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