Guest Lecture at Berlin School of Economics and Law

Gastvortrag an der Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin.

Enterprise Transformation enabled by the Salesforce platform

Yanis Hamdali, Doctoral Researcher and lecturer at Berlin School of Economics and Law, and Christian Leffin, Co-Founder of bluplanet hosted a guest lecture on “How the Salesforce platform can be a valuable driver for enterprise transformation?” We shared a best practice of a large scale cooperation and facilitated a vibrant discussion with the students who brought in fresh insights for our business. A recording of the lecture can be found here.

Stop renovating, start transforming with bluplanet

Many organizations these days take a “renovating” approach to transforming their business, they seek quick fixes to optimize processes within one department or even just one specific project. As shiny they may be however, in the long run, they are often not linked to the overall vision of the company, its underlying processes and more importantly, neglect to have a customer-centric approach. Looking at start-ups and fast-growing companies (e.g.: Tesla) they build fast, scalable solutions with a strong customer focus, which we call a transcendent mindset. Many well-established companies are trying to adapt these approaches, however often only build innovation hubs or in silos working departments that disregard the larger organization where most of the revenues are generated.

The solution is an evolving mindset that supports the transformation of the entire business. Getting there is a unique journey every company needs to define for itself. We at bluplanet see the greatest opportunity in combining; Cultural Change, Business Model Change and Technology Change to enable core transformations. How can your business become more customer-centric? Is your company culture aligned and does the change also incorporate that internal workflows are simplified? Which technology is the most suitable for your business? And this is where we as bluplanet take a leading role.

As the leading digital marketplace and reseller for cloud solutions from Salesforce, AppExchange and beyond we help organizations and entrepreneurs to become more digitally progressive alongside the evolving landscape. We do not want to renovate but enable small, medium and large businesses to transform in the best possible way. Whether through our digital marketplace or with a personal touch we advise on the most suitable Salesforce solutions to transform business and by collaborating with a strong partner network to bring the desired change to life. We provide a large ecosystem of technology solutions and we are constantly seeking for new partners and team members.

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Gastvortrag an der Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg