Team Tuesday

Team Tuesday x Linda Poschmann.

Team Tuesday x Linda Poschmann.

Today we want to introduce you to Linda Poschmann, Art Director at bluplanet

bluplanet 🌎: Why did you decide to work at bluplanet?
Linda: After a few years in the agency life, where several brands are serviced at the same time and a deeper insight into them is denied, I’m happy to become a part of the brand. 🎉 What’s better than an inspiring company that wants to make a difference? Even when I got to know a small part of bluplanet, I was impressed by so much open-mindedness and trust that was brought directly to me.

bluplanet 🌎: What are your responsibilities at bluplanet?
Linda: Doing creative things – taking care of the visual appearance of bluplanet and visualising ideas that arose in the team. Carry it creatively out into the world and make my artistic contribution to illustrate the company and its values. 🎨

bluplanet 🌎: What makes working at bluplanet so special?
Linda: Digitalization is also lived. New ways of thinking 💡, new ways of working and a focus on bringing especially this to other companies.

bluplanet 🌎: What matters most to you?
Linda: Family and friends are the foundation that makes life richer. Fresh air and sunshine ☀️ make it complete.

bluplanet 🌎: What‘s your life-hack?
Linda: Stay yourself in every situation. Don’t be ruthless when you work in a team. You get much further when everyone contributes their strengths. 💪

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