Team Tuesday

Team Tuesday x Alexander Rühlemann.

Team Tuesday x Alexander Rühlemann.

Today we want to introduce you to Alexander Rühlemann, Account Executive at bluplanet

bluplanet🌍: Why did you decide to work at bluplanet?
Alexander: Digitization has received a significant boost in recent years, especially due to Corona, which has driven the need for digital transformation. 🛠 Companies must now quickly adapt their business model to keep up with the changing world 🌍 and to be able to deliver value to their customers. To me, it is a very important and interesting task to support companies in this process and help them to accelerate with the products from the market leader, Salesforce
bluplanet🌍: What are your responsibilities at bluplanet?
Alexander: As Territory Manager at bluplanet, I am responsible for southern Germany with a focus on Munich.🇩🇪 

In my role, I am introducing business leaders to the diverse possibilities of the Salesforce world and the endless opportunities to increase efficiency and expand customer success.🚀 In addition, I am building a strong partner network and building an empathic consulting team. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

bluplanet🌍:What makes working at bluplanet so special?
Alexander: Our corporate culture is not just written down somewhere on paper, it´s lived in the same way, every day. 😃
The employees are the team and the team is the company.

The customer becomes our partner so that the company's newly generated success also becomes our success. 🎯 Each individual is important and we are treated that way because only together are we strong 💪🏼 and will make bluplanet the leading marketplace and reseller for cloud solutions from Salesforce, AppExchange, and more.
bluplanet🌍: What matters most to you?
Alexander: I am designing my entire life in such a way that I only surround myself with people and things that bring me joy and take me further.🚀

Only with enthusiasm and joy in my job I can constantly develop, keep on moving and achieve my desired recognition. Only with openness, honesty, appreciation, and the understanding of admitting my strengths, weaknesses, and wishes I can find my path to happiness 😃 and accept the people around me as they are. To me sustainability is very important, it means helping to change the world and make it better.🌎
bluplanet🌍: What’s your life-hack? ⛏
Alexander: Every day is a new day that only you can design again and again yourself.
You make mistakes and reflect on them to learn from them and then look to the future again stronger and more optimistic.
Failures are part of the path to success and shape our personality.
Be at peace with yourself, find out what is important to you, and use your limited lifetime in the best possible way.

See yourself in this philosophy again and look for inspiring new challenges, only then you will become part of our common future story!

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