Experience CRM innovations up close: Review of the Salesforce World Tour 2023

CRM Innovationen hautnah erleben: Rückblick auf die Salesforce World Tour 2023
The Salesforce World Tour 2023 was the hotspot for industry experts gathered to shape the future of customer experience. As a long-time Salesforce partner and reseller, we were excited to discover the latest innovations and strategies that can make our customers even more successful. It was inspiring to see how companies from the Salesforce network around the world are driving their digital transformations and achieving impressive results.

In addition, the event offered numerous demos as well as various interactive workshops that allowed attendees to experience innovative technologies first-hand. The bluplanet team was particularly impressed by the possibilities of AI integration with the Marketing Cloud to increase the efficiency of customer support. AI-powered chatbots and AR (augmented reality) applications were also present, demonstrating how these technologies can create personalized customer experiences and implement interactive marketing campaigns.

For example, SOLARWATT Germany showcased the power of AI and automation in leveraging existing data for Customer 360. Special kudos also goes to the inspiring keynote speakers and customer examples, such as Tom Tailor and Julius Hoesch GmbH & Co. KG, who demonstrated how to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and harness the transformative power of Salesforce.
It was an interesting experience and an incredible event to boot! At bluplanet, we are proud to be part of a community that is changing the industry landscape and making exceptional customer experiences the standard.

In addition to the technical aspects, the Salesforce World Tour also provided an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing experiences. The entire buplanet team used the event to network with industry experts and other companies. The exchange with other participants was not only educational for the team, but also entertaining and inspiring. The team enjoyed the event to the fullest and was able to benefit both professionally and personally.

The experience at the Salesforce World Tour will certainly have a positive impact on bluplanet's future work and support the company in implementing innovative solutions.

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