Team Tuesday

Team Tuesday x Verena Masters

Team Tuesday x Verena Masters

Today we want to introduce you to Verena Masters, Advisory Board Member at bluplanet

bluplanet🌍: Why did you decide to join the Advisory Board?
Verena: I would like to contribute to the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises which are the backbone 🦴 of our economy and that has such great potential. On top digitalization will be one of the main enablers of sustainable 🌱 business development and being part of this change process is truly exciting!
bluplanet🌍: What is your main role as a part of the Advisory Board?
Verena: Asking challenging questions, helping the team get “unstuck”⚡️ and emphasizing the importance of customer-centricity and which problems bluplanet can solve for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is amazing to have the chance to add value to a young, uprising 🚀 company and work together with such an amazingly bright and fun team 😃. 
bluplanet🌍: What matters most for you in life?
Verena: My family and friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. The creation of something meaningful and empowering people along the way.
bluplanet🌍: What's your life-hack?
Verena: Don’t overthink too much! Cross the bridge 🌉 when you get there and trust in your problem-solving ability.


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