Team Tuesday

Team Tuesday x Thorge Wandrei

Team Tuesday x Thorge Wandrei

Today we want to introduce you to Thorge Wandrei Product Engineer at bluplanet

bluplanet 🌍: Why did you decide to work at bluplanet?
Thorge: I was seeking an opportunity to entirely focus on an innovative digital product, which I can build up the very beginning together with experienced and highly inspiring colleagues 💡. I’m constantly seeking to further improve my skills as well as widen my horizon and bluplanet is definitely a place where you can co-create visions ✨.

bluplanet 🌍: What are your responsibilities at bluplanet?
Thorge: As a trusted advisor and official Salesforce reseller one of bluplanet’s core pillars is our experience-driven, resell-focused, digital marketplace. Currently, I’m responsible for our marketplace 🛍 as well as the whole bluplanet platform in terms of technical architecture 🏗 and product design 🧑🏻‍💻. Together with our product team I’ll constantly evolve and reimagine our customer-centric brand universe 🧑🏻‍🚀.

bluplanet 🌍: What makes working at bluplanet so special?
Thorge: It's our general team spirit ✨ combined with our dedication to transforming businesses with technology and creating digital products for a better tomorrow 🌱. All my colleagues at bluplanet are highly motivated and love to push boundaries as much as I do 🚀.

bluplanet 🌍: What matters most to you?
Thorge: Living and working in an environment where I can totally be my authentic self because everyone is open-minded and honest. I definitely have quirk’s, but I think that’s okay since I’m already obsessed with pixel-perfect layouts 😁. There’s no time in life to live the life of a different person - just be yourself ✨.

bluplanet 🌍: What´s your life-hack? 
Thorge: I believe that something like “Karma” happens from time to time. So I’ll always try to stay positive and don’t let things get me down ✌🏼. For sure there will be situations where your kindness and non-biased view in the past will reward you in the future. Speaking of the future: Another thing, I'll really enjoy doing and which potentially could be helpful in the future is "sponging" 🧽 knowledge from nearly every topic that crosses my way. So if you're currently looking for a new job opportunity and want to challenge my (maybe useless) knowledge, let's have lunch together 😉


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