Team Tuesday

Team Tuesday x Mia Akdogan

Team Tuesday x Mia Akdogan

Today we want to introduce you to Mia-Felicia Akdogan, Dual Marketing Student at bluplanet

bluplanet: Why did you decide to work at bluplanet?

Mia: I am convinced that you can learn a lot in a startup where the goal is to become the next unicorn. I hope that I will learn a lot about doing marketing effectively and efficiently, how to successfully plan an event, how to build a happy and engaged customer base and a lot more. I'm really interested in how digital marketing is growing and that's why I decided to work at bluplanet.

bluplanet: What are your responsibilities at bluplanet?
Mia: As a Dual Student I will support the marketing department and be part of different projects. My main responsibility is to support in planning and preparing various events. Despite that I am conducting in-depth market and target group research to design suitable marketing campaigns.

bluplanet: What makes working at bluplanet so special?
Mia: Trust is really important. Everyone is working together so that you know what is going on. Already at the very first meeting I was fascinated by the openness and transparency of the entire team, from the very first day on, I felt welcomed with open arms.

bluplanet: What matters most to you?
Mia: Have fun in your life and truly enjoy the things you are doing! That is really important to me.

bluplanet: What‘s your life-hack?
Mia: Don't fear new things. With every experience you can learn. Live your life, you only live once.


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