Team Tuesday

Team Tuesday x Marie Dorn.

Team Tuesday x Marie Dorn.

Today we want to introduce you to Marie Dorn, Marketing Manager at bluplanet

bluplanet: Why did you decide to work at bluplanet?
Marie: From the very first call on I was fascinated by the enthusiasm the team brings in, I could feel that bluplanet is a company that really wants to make a difference. To me bluplanet is the perfect mix between a young startup with agile & flexible processes but yet so much profound knowledge and structure. I am so looking forward to scaling up together and learning from each other. Also bluplanet’s work ethics and values resonate very well with me. A huge bonus was that I can spend time with my colleagues in local offices but also have the possibility to work from everywhere. To me this is the future of a great working culture.

bluplanet: What are your responsibilities at bluplanet?
Marie: As a marketing manager I will be responsible for the planning, execution and analysis of campaigns across different channels. A major focus of my work will be to further develop bluplanet’s own event series as well as our presence on bigger events and fairs.

bluplanet: What makes working at bluplanet so special?
Marie: Already in the application process I got to experience that bluplanet really lives what they sell. Automation and efficiency is lived in every aspect of their work - from the application process, over the vacation planning to of course the marketing and sales tasks. I am impressed how fast, easy and user-friendly daily operations are handled.

bluplanet: What matters most to you?
Marie: Empathy & open-mindedness. I believe that we can all learn so much from each other, no matter how big the differences might seem. Exploring new places, cultures and understanding different backgrounds matters in private as well as business life to me.

bluplanet: What‘s your life-hack?
Marie: "Business is personal". I heard that once and to me it makes sense. We spend a lot of time with co-workers and we should get to know each other personally - discover the best way to work together, our strengths and weaknesses, our motivation and ambition. And most importantly, support each other.


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